Shattered dream sans vs nightmare

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Shattered dream sans vs nightmare

Shattered Dream is a non-canon Dream! Nightmare felt all the hate and negativity because of the Apple he ate. His own.

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Later on Nightmare and were talking. Dream wanted to tell Nightmare he feels the same thing but Nightmare said he didn't. Dream took one of Nightmare's apple and eats it right in font of Nightmare, making Dream into Shattered Dream.

Dream looks like the classic Dream Sans in his normal form when he doesn't eat the apple. After Dream eats the apple tentacles and goo starts to form around his body because of the magic the apple hold within. His full shattered form is covered in goop and tentacles sticking out like Corrupt! Nightmare would look like.

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His outfit still made an appearance but covered in the goop around his body. Only one eye is covered and that is the left eye, the right eye is available to be seen by others. He still can have a soft side but that's really hard to find, even for Nightmare to find the soft spot. Dream can mostly be alert, quick minded, and clever. When he feels like he's going under attack he uses his tentacles to help him out to fight and look more stronger than how he looks.

To Dream, Nightmare is the only person be knows in the comics for now. On the outside Dream acts like he Hates his own brother to act like a big shot to him but yet Dream will get in the way to protect his brother found anything.

Dream will always wanna roughhouse with Nightmare for fun.

shattered dream sans vs nightmare

To Nightmare, Dream is the mind thing he cares about even if Dream will be rude to Nightmare. Nightmare will act chill about Dream and his new form all the time. Nightmare will try his best to be alone but Dream always come to him to play. His lifestyle changes a lot now that inside he's filled with with negativity than his positive ways. It'll be more difficult to make suitable dreams for others because they'll turn to nightmares themselves. The location they're at is unknown and most of Dream's life after he ate the apple.

This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. What I Like Dream sacrifice his life. Dislike Confuse feelings from Dream. Back story Nightmare felt all the hate and negativity because of the Apple he ate.

Likes Comments Like I actually found this on google and i was wait im in this amino and then i clicked. Da apple. I had a ship tho Looks something wrong. Related wiki Advance literacy English. Into Undertale AUs?Sans is a supporting character for Underverse. While he doesn't play that much of a role compared to the other Sanses, Dream!

Sans acts a spy for Ink! When he's on the battlefield, he'll usually target his brother, Nightmare! Sansfor his acts. Dream first arrives in X-Tale after Cross display a scent of negative feelings. He tries to get in to be shocked and surprised that he ended up joining forces to Nightmare.

Knowing this, he screams out of X-Tale, slamming into Ink in the process. He explains the whole deal between Cross and Nightmare, and using this info, he pursuits to find Cross himself, albeit Dream has to be left behind in the process. After Ink is released gracefully from Error! SansDream telepathically talk to Ink, saying that he'll watch out for Cross's next step in his X-Event. Sans trapped in X-Tale thanks to X-Event! Chara, Dream explains that while he can get them back into Underswaphe requires positive feelings for him to even move out.

Since Ink at the time was not showing his emotions, he couldn't get to him, but after Underswap! Papyrus remarks on his timeline, this gives him to power to transport both Sans and Underfell!

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Sans back to Underswap. Using his spear as a bow, he fires at his brother multiple times, diminishing him to goo. He wasn't able to stop him from killing Underswap! Charaand he's forced to get the group to flee to Outertale. Dream dons on a yellow cape with a sun marked on its back, doubling as a scarf, with a red ball featuring a star on its front. His aqua coat stretches towards his blue pants. His shoe-ware consists of golden boots donning two blue stripes, and for headgear, there's a yellow bracelet surround his skull.

He even has yellow gloves on him. His spear has two stars, bottom and top, both beneath a blue rod. This can transform to a rod, allowing him to shoot arrow that Nightmare is susceptible to. This makes it harder for him to not only enter Genocide timelines, but also universes with considerable amounts of negative feelings, such as Horrortale, Killertale, and Dusttale. When he attacks, he transforms his spear into a bow, and fires at his specific target.

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Since Nightmare is weaken by light, this gives him an advantage over his brother, though it isn't effective to get rid of him.Sans is the twin brother to Dream! Sans, only, instead of being a creature of good emotions, Nightmare! Sans is the exact opposite. He is fueled by negative emotions, like fear and despair, and was originally created to be a guardian of the tree spirit, also known as the tree of feelings, with his brother.

Sans, also known as NS or Nightmare, is shown in youth to be responsible and to care deeply for his brother Dream. Dream complains he is smug but this is probably just childlike teasing. Later in life he becomes much more dark both literally and metaphorically and is known for being cruel to his men and overall foul.

His current goal is to bring chaos and fear to all the universes. His motivation for this ambitious goal is unclear but since he is fueled by negative emotions it is not unreasonable to assume he is doing it to become more powerful. Nightmare's current appearance is quite sinister.

You can see the outline of classic Sans' shorts and hoodie but he is overall darker and some details are obscured because of this. Only one of his eyes is visible, always lit up by battle blue. In the past before whatever changed him happened it is unclear what caused the dramatic change he wore an outfit similar to Dream! Sans only of darker blues and wore a golden headpiece of a crescent moon. Nightmare's specific power set and weapons are unclear but it is shown that Nightmare is very powerful.

He is powerful enough to, albeit temporarily, trap his brother in stone. He also has an army of dark Papyruses, that are similar to Underfell Papyrus in stature.

Hello, you seem to know quite a bit about Nightmare. So I've seem multiple pictures of him, but do you know the official amount of tentacles he has? Sorry I'm doing this for a drawing and can't find out. He just makes them from the hate goop on his body. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content.

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Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. Personality: Nightmare!

Appearance: Nightmare's current appearance is quite sinister. Powers and weapons: Nightmare's specific power set and weapons are unclear but it is shown that Nightmare is very powerful. Likes Comments 3.

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Like Related wiki Bio Template. Related wiki Regular Bio. Related wiki Soul of Duality. Into Undertale? Join the community. Get App. Cookie Policy This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content.Hello everyone, as you know. I am the one who runs this blog, and creates the comic involving the Shattered dreams au. To help myself heal mentally.

It was really fun to come this far, to create a AU that others have enjoyed, but as all things are eventually all things have to come to an end. I will however, possibly post things relating to my little au within my new discord which is still in development it will be open soon….

Lastly if the time ever does come, and I do end up posting that discord link? Can others make their own versions? Can others continue my comic? Or make fan comics? Will this AU still be continued in other ways?

Kind of… I actually roleplay my own versions of the cast on Discord, sometimes I draw them too.

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And they deserve it. Anyways… Again thank you everyone for staying here until the end. Ily all. You can either answer this or not Is it possible for you to make a written post that explains all the events that happened in the Shattered Dreams Comic? Since it's getting discontinued, can we at least see the full story of it? Maybe thats a dumb question but i just wanted to make sure. And there was this thing about Ink- Could you share what it was?? With the jacket and all??? I'm so curious? Also ofc, you don't have to answer this.

It once belonged to someone who existed within this multiverse….

shattered dream sans vs nightmare

He of course is gone now, erased from this world. Now… For some background information. Ink was the protector, while Error was the one who cleared space for new beings to be created. The two ended up making a deal once; No creating new universes and in turn nothing would be erased. And as time continued so did their relationship. Error and Ink eventually became partners… The next thing you knew they were parents.

They had a daughter named Doll. A child which was created by the two. They were a doll! Error made the body while Ink accidentally puked on it!Please help by improving the article. You're the one who wanted this. Wanted all the people who thought you were evil Dream always felt guilty and responsible for his brother turning evil.

He had always wanted to get revenge for his brother that he loved so dearly, but knew that revenge was dangerous and wrong. One day, during a battle between him and Nightmare, his brother started complaining about how Dream couldn't understand the pain he was feeling. This, in turn, left Dream feeling horrible. He wanted to understand his brother, and he wanted to help him as best he could. This led Dream to eating an apple from his brother, Nightmare Sans' side of the tree.

This turned him into Shattered! Dream, a version of Dream that is possessed by the physical incarnation of his guilt and longing for revenge. In SD! Dream really got snapped about it. Nightmare teased Dream by pressuring him to be responsible for the event, instead of running and hiding from it.

He held an apple from his brother's corrupted, dying tree. Dream, lost in his guilt and sorrow, started to hear a man's voice, urging him to take a bite of the apple and exact revenge on those whose had caused him and his brother such pain. Soon after that, Nightmare managed to find Dream.

shattered dream sans vs nightmare

Nightmare became perplexed by the strong flow of negative emotions emanating from his brother. Alas, too late, Nightmare realized what was happening. Dream turned corrupted, being consumed by darkness, right before Nightmare's eyes.Nightmare was made by the same tree Dream was.

He, along with his brother, was created by Jokublog. Nightmare is deceiving, erratic, unpredictable and evil.

When he was younger, Dream said he was very smug, to which he loudly denies, only to be yelled at. His current appearance is quite sinister.

One can see the outline of Sans 's short and hoodie. He is entirely black and gooey, with 4 tentacles coming out of his back. His left eye is constantly illuminated in battle blue.

When he was younger, he had white bones and was not gooey. His pupils were lavender, and he had no tentacles. He wore a jacket similar to his brother'sonly it had long sleeves and was dark purple. It was closed with a gold belt with "NM" on it. He wore black pants and dark purple boots. Atop his head was a golden headpiece with a crescent moon on it. The tree spirit created Nightmare to protect the side for negative feelings. With his brother Dream they served as the tree's guardians.

As a child, Nightmare cared about his brother and the tree that gave them life. But one day a village had formed near the tree. Dream befriended villagers whilst Nightmare is beaten and bullied by them for being the guardian of the negative side of the tree. He is seen trying to take care of his brother's apples. Later on, as the bullying gets more intense, he thinks his apples are not good enough and are looked down upon.

His brother reassured him that his fruit is just as good as him. People traveled from far and wide to get just one golden fruit from his brother. Nightmare envied his brother because no one would take fruit from his side of the tree.


One day, he took an apple from his brother's side, to show he could take care of it. But a being who is filled with negative feelings will turn a positive apple into a negative one. When trying to take care of one of Dream's apples it turns black like Nightmare's fruit. Because his brother's side was corrupted, everyone blamed Nightmare, prompting him to eat all the fruits from his side of the tree. It resulted in him growing tentacles and coughing up black goop. He began to hate Dream and want to kill him.

At this point, Nightmare became the character we know of now. Some may think that Dream is, in some way, responsible for whatever happened to Nightmare.

Nightmare Sans

Appendages: Nightmare can utilize four tendrils that burst out from his back in battle.Sans is the secondary antagonist of Underverseand a master for Cross and X-Event! After Cross ends up having negative feelings, Nightmare enters his lonely universe, and they both create a deal that will allow them to extract parts of other worlds to his. He doesn't start causing problems until during Underverse 0. When Cross starts getting a rush of negative feelings, Nightmare shows up out of nowhere, saying their negative feelings got him there.

Chara tells him to negotiate a deal with him, in which Nightmare tells him to mentally hurt someone if he wants to steal parts from other universes. He takes Cross to Underfelltelling him that a little human and their stupid flower has turned this place upside down. Sans doesn't have a bigger role in Underverse 0. Chara helps Cross escape the attacks from Underfell! Sans plays a much major role in Underverse 0.

shattered dream sans vs nightmare

He first scolds Cross over his actions, and after calming down, he swore to him that he'll make him relive the death of his universe again if they break the deal, before taking him to Underswap. After Cross is taken down and X-Event! Chara is revived, Ink! Sans tries to stop X-Event!

Chara from doing his intentions, but he's tied up by Nightmare and isn't able to move freely until he gets annoyed over X-Event! Chara 's constant killing of the Underswap cast; later, he allows X-Event!

Chara to kill someone. Throughout part 2, he would threaten to kill Underswap! Papyrustells X-Event! Chara to kill himself to kill Underswap! Charaand once Underswap! Papyrus tries to intervene, he tells X-Event! Chara to kill Underswap! Papyrus instead, which is averted once Sans intervenes. He's then destroyed by his brother, Dream! Sans with his arrows; despite this, he still ends up killing Underswap!


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